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Pledge Drive Scope


Kirsten Leonard, PALNI Executive Director, or (317) 752-6831

How to Pledge:

  • Email Kirsten Leonard, PALNI Executive Director
    • Include: Your name, contact information, institution, amount of pledge, and instructions for invoicing, including whether your institution chooses to be invoiced by PALNI, Samvera, or SoftServ. 

Pledge Request:

The Hyku for Consortia group (PALNI and PALCI) are facilitating a pledge drive to raise funds to support work sprints through SoftServ to move the Valkyrie for Hyrax work forward in a May-June 2023 series of sprints. 

The goal is to collect $50,000 - $100,000 in funds to support developer hours to move this work forward as soon as possible with check-ins to ensure the viability of the Milestone completion.

Pledges Received to Date (May 18, 2023): Total of $51,000

  • Amigos (consortium implementing Hyku): $7500 (Contact: Christine Peterson)
  • Dickinson College (Hyku for Consortia project participant): $500 (Contact: Susan Vandale)
  • Indiana University: $15,000 (Contact Jon Dunn)
  • Northwestern University: $5,000 (Contact Carolyn Caizzi and David Schober)
  • PALNI/PALCI (Hyku for Consortia): Updated to a total of $10,000 (Contact Kirsten Leonard)
  • Samvera Board: $5,000 (Contact Esme Cowles)
  • University of Michigan: $8,000 (Contact Bohyun Kim, John Weise)


Target as soon as possible for pledges, desired by May 15th. Invoices from PALNI can be issued late May early June.

Why are we doing a community funding pledge to move forward on Valkyrization?

Valkyrie for Hyrax has been a promise to Samvera users for a few years.  So much excellent work has been done here, but community resources have been constrained to get it across the line.  Completing this work would provide a number of important benefits to the community:

  • Long-desired options beyond Fedora 4 for existing Samvera users, including Postgres or Fedora 6 backed Hyrax
  • Removal of what has been a “let’s wait” blocker for institutions who have delayed upgrades
  • Attractiveness of Samvera solutions to potential adopting institutions who have been hearing about Valkyrie and waiting to act
  • Interest from service providers and a path to keep their engagement in the community viable

Valkyrize Hyrax Deliverables:

  • Milestone 1. Create a fully functioning version of Hyrax that is backed by Postgres.  This is work that will be accomplished within the nurax-pg/koppie test app environment.  Acceptance criteria:
    • CRUD and display of Collections/Works/Fileset/Files is complete. Files are the main missing piece here, but there is some work in progress already.
    • IIIF manifests are generated and displayed via UniversalViewer.
    • Object permissions/visibility/embargoes are all working properly.
    • Admin Sets/workflows are working.
    • Specs are updated to pass in this environment (the *-valkyrie tests run on CircleCI still have ActiveFedora in the mix)
    • Anything required to start work on the other milestones.

If there are funds and time remaining:

  • Milestone 2. Pave a well-established workflow for live-migrating an existing Fedora 4 backed Hyrax repository to Valkyrie Postgres backed Hyrax repository. 
    • Hyrax/Bootstrap/Rails
    • valkyrization could be done here to create a path for upgrade from a fedora 4 backed Hyrax instance that also supports Hyku

Note: Milestone 3 (have the Fedora 6 Valkyrie adapter fully working in Hyrax) will be carried forward by subsequent sprints in late summer/fall

Ticket Board: 

Other Contributions Needed:

  • An active, populated Hyrax repository for testing purposes
  • Testers, which is an excellent opportunity for non-developer library staff to contribute
  • A current Hyrax user willing to participate in sprint meetings

Contract Structure:

SoftServ Will:

  • In May and June 2023, commit hours per provided funding levels pledged to complete work in Milestone 1. Any remaining funds will be directed towards work in Milestone 2.
  • Contract with PALNI and PALCI for the work to be completed
  • Invoice PALNI for work completed on a monthly basis
  • Provide a project manager to maintain communication with PALNI and PALCI and the Samvera Community on progress and goal alignment
  • Participate in a handoff meeting with other efforts to complete all three milestones


  • Invoice, gather, and report on pledged funds, expenses and remaining funds, provide contractual and financial oversight for the project
  • Communicate with the funders and Samvera community to gather follow-up specifications, provide updates, and communicate with SoftServ
  • Attend weekly sprint meetings and gather and provide community feedback and direction, with assistance from another member of the community and Heather Greer Klein
  • Support efforts to pass the baton to subsequent later sprints to be coordinated by others