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Pledge Drive Scope, Phase 1 Complete

Project Update: We are delighted that a release candidate is ready, pending fixes to the Hyrax testing suite. Milestone 2 and Milestone 3 working groups are already organizing and working.


Kirsten Leonard, PALNI Executive Director, or (317) 752-6831

Pledges Received to Date (May 30, 2023): Total of $53,000

The Hyku for Consortia group (PALNI and PALCI) facilitated a pledge drive to raise funds to support work sprints through SoftServ to move the Valkyrie for Hyrax work forward in a May-June 2023 series of sprints. 

The goal was to collect $50,000 - $100,000 in funds to support developer hours to move Valkyrized Hyrax development forward and ensure Milestone 1 completion.

Valkyrize Hyrax Pledge Drive Deliverables:

  • Milestone 1. Create a fully functioning version of Hyrax that is backed by Postgres. This work will be accomplished within the nurax-pg/koppie test app environment. Acceptance criteria:
    • CRUD and display of Collections/Works/Fileset/Files is complete. Files are the main missing piece here, but there is some work in progress already.
    • IIIF manifests are generated and displayed via UniversalViewer
    • Object permissions/visibility/embargoes are all working properly
    • Admin Sets/workflows are working
    • Specs are updated to pass in this environment (the *-valkyrie tests run on CircleCI still have ActiveFedora in the mix)
    • Anything required to start work on the other milestones

Ticket Board: 

Status Reports: Work completed status update (July 28, 2023)


Thank you to our fund contributors!

  • Amigos (consortium implementing Hyku): $7500 

  • British Library: $2000 

  • Dickinson College (Hyku for Consortia project participant): $500 

  • Indiana University: $15,000 

  • Northwestern University: $5,000 

  • PALNI/PALCI (Hyku for Consortia): Updated to a total of $10,000

  • Samvera Board: $5000 

  • University of Michigan: $8,000

Why are we doing a community funding pledge to move forward on Valkyrization?

Valkyrie for Hyrax has been an interest of Samvera users for a few years.  So much excellent work has been done here, but community resources have been constrained to get it across the line. Completing this work would provide several important benefits to the community:

  • Long-desired options beyond Fedora 4 for existing Samvera users, including Postgres or Fedora 6 backed Hyrax
  • Removal of what has been a “let’s wait” blocker for institutions who have delayed upgrades
  • Attractiveness of Samvera solutions to potential adopting institutions who have been hearing about Valkyrie and waiting to act
  • Interest from service providers and a path to keep their engagement in the community viable